Free Drug & Alcohol Intervention Services California

If you are reading this, someone you know may have a problem with drugs or alcohol addiction. Maybe you’ve attempted to speak with them about their drug or alcohol use. Maybe you’ve kept your thoughts to yourself because you weren’t sure of how to “say it right.” Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed or paralyzed with all the options that are out there.

Our intervention specialists at New Bridge Foundation are here to support you. We offer free drug and alcohol intervention services to help you with this difficult process. Our goals are simple:

  1. Educate friends and family members about alcoholism and drug addiction
  2. Help you identify the best course of action
  3. Find your loved one the help s/he needs

Take the first step: Call 800-785-2400 and ask to speak to our Intervention specialist.

See our Intervention Guide for more information about New Bridge Foundation’s approach to our drug and alcohol intervention services.