Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Programs

New Bridge Foundation has been treating individuals with chemical dependency and co-occuring mental health issues for almost 50 years. Our treatment center’s long and rich history has made us an expert in the field. Living a sober, happy life is possible, and we are ready to show you the way.

Drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health issues can be treated in a variety of settings. Individuals are assessed for either residential or outpatient treatment depending on the duration, nature, and severity of their problem. Outpatient rehab services, including Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient, are a great choice for clients who need support while living in a sober environment. This is also an excellent option for clients who have finished residential treatment and who need continued support as they transition back to working, school, or home.

There are many Benefits to Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Treatment:

No Cookie Cutters:  Since all individuals have unique needs, New Bridge Foundation’s Helios program offers two levels of outpatient care, both with varying lengths of stay. The Day Treatment Program is five days per week and the Intensive Outpatient Program is four evenings per week.

Community Support:  Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease of isolation on many levels.  Individuals pull away from family and friends and gravitate towards using relationships or being alone.  Clients find hope and support within the outpatient community and often create long-lasting friendships that carry over into support once clients return to their “regular” lives.

Building Sobriety Where You Live:  One of the greatest benefits of outpatient rehabilitation at New Bridge Foundation is building a recovery community where you live.  You will meet other like-minded individuals who live in the area while you’re in treatment and will be able to begin to merge your sober life into your home life.  In addition, due to our easily accessible location, family and friends will be able to participate in treatment.

Aftercare Services:  New Bridge Foundation offers free Aftercare to all clients who complete treatment.  Aftercare consists of a one-per-week therapy group and random urine screens.  (There is a small fee to cover the cost of any administered urine screens).  The support clients receive from their Aftercare counselor and peers is unparalleled and an important step in maintaining long-term sobriety.