Residential Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs

New Bridge Foundation has been treating individuals with substance abuse and co-occuring mental health issues for almost 50 years. Our long and rich history has made us an expert in the field. Living a sober, happy life is possible, and we are ready to show you the way.

Addiction and mental health issues can be treated in a variety of settings. Individuals are assessed for either residential or outpatient treatment depending on the duration, nature, and severity of their problem. Residential treatment is the ideal option for clients who need round-the-clock care or supervision, or whose home environment isn’t conducive to early recovery.

There are many Benefits to our Residential Rehabilitation Programs:

Individualized Treatment: Since all individuals have unique needs, New Bridge Foundation offers two different types of residential drug and alcohol rehab programs, both with varying lengths of stay. It’s a common misperception that “28 days” is the best residential treatment model. Although this length of stay might be appropriate for some, it is not appropriate for everyone. The staff at New Bridge will help you decide which level of residential treatment is right for you, as well as continually assess your progress to determine how long is the perfect time for you to get the most out of treatment and have the best success.  In addition, New Bridge Foundation offers outpatient levels of care so you can seamlessly transition back home, to work, or to school and still receive support, if needed.

No More Drugs or Drinking: Coming into residential drug and alcohol treatment allows clients a respite from the stress and pressures of their daily lives, and time away from using drugs or drinking alcohol. Generally, individuals have attempted to stop on their own, but have been unable to within their usual environment. Residential treatment is an incredible opportunity for clients to focus on themselves and the substance abuse issues that brought them to treatment.

Feeling of Community: Addiction is a disease of isolation on many levels.  Individuals pull away from family and friends and gravitate towards using relationships or being alone. Clients find hope and support within the community and often create long-lasting friendships that carry over into support once clients return to their “regular” lives.

Round-the-Clock Care: Residential treatment offers round-the-clock support and care. During the day clients are immersed in the treatment process including groups, individual work, and recreational time. Clients are checked on throughout the night to ensure that they are safe and comfortable. This type of intense supervision is often what clients need to identify and receive the help they need to recover.

Aftercare: New Bridge Foundation offers free Aftercare to all clients who complete treatment.  Aftercare consists of a one-per-week therapy group and random urine screens. (There is a small fee to cover the cost of any administered urine screens). The support clients receive from their Aftercare counselor and peers is unparalleled and an important step in maintaining long-term sobriety.