a young woman in need of a bay area drug rehabWhen you find yourself struggling with drug addiction, it can feel impossible to find help. At first, you might not even believe that you need help. But once you decide to make that first step, the number of options can be staggering. It can be hard to narrow down which San Francisco Bay Area drug rehab is right for you. When you begin your search, you should have an idea of what you need and what to look for in a quality facility.

Why Do I Need a San Francisco Bay Area Drug Rehab?

Choosing the right drug rehab facility is vital in finding lasting recovery. While many individuals believe they can quit whenever they want, that’s simply not the case. Drugs change your brain chemistry, making it difficult to stop. When individuals do stop using drugs, they often experience withdrawal. During withdrawal, one can experience a variety of symptoms from feeling like you have the flu to dangerous seizures. Because of how difficult this stage can be, it is important to have a staff of trained professionals to support you.

What to Look for in your Facility

So what exactly should you look for in your San Francisco Bay Area drug rehab? Your facility should be welcoming and comfortable. Some individuals find a hospital setting can be intimidating and stressful, preferring an atmosphere that reminds them of home to help relax. Along with a welcoming atmosphere, your facility should also have full accreditation, the appropriate State license, and a trained, multidisciplinary staff.

Addiction Counseling Services

A reliable San Francisco Bay Area drug rehab should also offer a variety of addiction counseling services. Half of the battle against addiction is treating the psychological component in tandem with the physical components. Not only should a facility offer counseling, it should offer several options. While speaking with peers is helpful to some, others may prefer one-on-one therapy. The three main types of counseling to look for are the following:

  • Individual counseling– This counseling option allows clients to take the time to work on themselves. The counselor is able to focus solely on the client and allow them to explore their feelings.
  • Group counseling– A group option allows clients to discuss their addictions and feelings with their peers. Instead of giving in to isolation as many tend to do, clients can learn from each other’s struggles.This allows a sharing of experiences while also helping to strengthen bonds and social skills.
  • Family counseling– Relationships with family members can falter when one is struggling with addiction. Family counseling allows individuals and their family to work through their problems and to begin to rebuild broken bonds.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Along with counseling options, your rehab should also offer a range of evidenced- based addiction treatment programs and practices. Recovery isn’t a one-size -fits-all solution. A rehab that has diverse program options will allow individuals to find what works best for them. Some specialized programs to look for include:

  • Dual diagnosis program
  • Family program
  • Health and wellness program
  • Continuing Care program

New Bridge Foundation®

When you’re searching for a San Francisco Bay Area drug rehab for recovery, turn to New Bridge Foundation®. Our staff of licensed professionals are ready to provide the best care possible. We offer a wide spectrum of care options, including:

New Bridge Foundation® is your bay area drug rehab. Let us help you find lasting recovery today. Call now at 866-772-8491 to learn about our services.