During one of our addiction treatment programs, a group therapy session occursNew Bridge Foundation®, located in Berkeley, California, has a long and respected history of providing addiction treatment. For over five decades, we have provided individuals the tools needed for a successful recovery. To achieve lifelong sobriety clients can choose from a variety of addiction treatment programs. This provides individuals the opportunity to find a program that meets their respective needs as well as the ability to transfer easily and seamlessly between levels of care based on individual goals and desires.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

In our addiction treatment programs, individuals have access to many effective modalities, holistic approaches, and recovery techniques, as well as evidence-based clinical interventions (e.g., Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Anger Management, Relapse Prevention, etc.). Additionally, if you have been diagnosed with a mental illness, we offer dual diagnosis support.

Detox Program

Detoxification is a necessary first step for those who are physically addicted to drugs or alcohol. For many individuals, the thought of experiencing the physical discomfort that can be associated with withdrawing from drugs or alcohol can be constructed as a barrier to recovery. However, untreated withdrawal may be dangerous or even fatal. This is why it’s extremely important to detox under the supervision of medical professionals. New Bridge Foundation® has extensive experience providing detox services. Having a well-trained team of professionals with the right experience is paramount to one’s safety.

Short-Term Residential Rehab (Helios)

One of the addiction treatment programs available through New Bridge Foundation® is short-term residential rehab. Offering around-the-clock support, residents experience full and productive days, as well as peer support, education, and care.

This residential program is ideal for those who require monitored support to ensure abstinence from mood-altering drugs and alcohol. Residential treatment may also be necessary after a period of relapse.

Short-Term Outpatient Rehab (Helios)

For some individuals, residential care may not be necessary. For those individuals, we offer two types of Outpatient services. You can participate either in our Day Treatment or in our Intensive Outpatient Program. Both programs are currently being provided via Telehealth. The Day Treatment Program meets five days a week for six hours a day. The Intensive Outpatient Program has morning, afternoon, and evening programs available and meets four times a week for three hours. The flexibility of the schedule is suitable for individuals who are employed or have other obligations. In addition to being able to maintain abstinence for a period of time, the Outpatient Program is most appropriate for individuals who have a stable living situation or don’t require detox services.

Long-Term Residential Rehab (START)

The START program is an excellent option for individuals with chronic drug and alcohol problems or who have relapsed following short-term treatment. This program is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. Treatment varies from three to six months, with lengths of stay based on the individual client’s needs. While the START program has exemplary achievements with all age groups, we have had notable success with young adults who often have difficulty maintaining their recovery. Having been described as a school for those who need to learn how to live life, the START program provides the necessary structure and time to create coping skills that work for a lifetime of recovery.

Reach Out to New Bridge Foundation® Today

In all of our programs, New Bridge Foundation® offers specialized care for individuals who are suffering from co-occurring disorders. Co-occurring disorders — sometimes called “dual- diagnosis” — refer to when a patient suffers from both substance use problems and an underlying mental health condition. These types of disorders are very common but are often undiagnosed or under treated. At New Bridge Foundation®, we make a point of addressing the needs of clients suffering from co-occurring disorders.

Additionally, we offer specialized programs that serve the needs of active-duty members and veterans, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Whether one requires short-term or extended care, call us at 866.772.8491 to begin the road to recovery.