young woman standing on road wondering the difference between opiates vs opioids

The Difference Between Opiates vs Opioids

With so many harmful and illicit substances available, it can be hard making distinctions between them. One of the hardest to keep separate are opiates vs opioids. Many believe the terms to be interchangeable, when in reality, there are differences between the two. Knowing these differences is key to seeking out substance abuse treatments for…

a couple at mindfulness based relapse prevention

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Techniques

Effective treatment at a successful rehab facility tends to stem from a schedule of various therapies, programs, and services. Clients participate in a full schedule, which keeps them focused on their recovery. However, once they leave the facility, maintaining the same level of focus can be difficult. In order to keep achieving the progress made…

individual struggling with different types of addiction

Types of Addiction

Typically, when the general public thinks about addiction, they tend to think of it as one, all-encompassing issue. Many people don’t realize that there are different types of addiction, and that addiction isn’t limited to just harmful substances. When it comes to different types of drug addiction, various addiction treatment programs are necessary to achieve…