group beginning alcohol addiction treatment

How We Treat Addiction to Alcohol

Alcohol addiction occupies a unique place in American culture since alcohol is one of the few mind-altering substances that is readily available, heavily advertised, and glorified in the media. Despite how often alcohol addiction is overlooked, alcoholism is a serious disorder that affects millions of Americans each year. Fortunately, alcoholism is very much treatable. At…

group beginning heroin addiction treatment

Heroin Addiction Treatment in Northern California

Over the course of the U.S.’ ongoing opioid epidemic, the volume of heroin addiction has sky-rocketed. This largely occurred, and continues to, as those struggling with opioid addiction are moving away from prescription medications towards cheaper illicit options, like heroin. Such trends have caused spikes in deaths. If you or a loved one is among…

veteran in need of treatment for mental health and addiction

The Importance of Monitoring the Mental Health of Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel

Addressing the mental health of veterans and active-duty military personnel has never been more important. The stresses of military service frequently put unique pressures on members of the military especially for those who may have been exposed to combat. These pressures and experiences may lead to struggles with mental health issues, including PTSD. Consequently, active-duty…

painkiller addiction in californina

Painkiller Addiction in California

Although prescription painkillers can provide relief from the severe pain that accompanies medical procedures and chronic conditions, painkiller addictions is one of the fastest-growing and most deadly in California. Millions of people suffer from painkiller addiction, and many who become dependent transition to other illicit drugs. Painkiller addictions can also prove extremely difficult to recover…

group gets addiction counseling

Group Addiction Counseling in Northern California

Addiction can be isolating and lonely. While group counseling can initially be intimidating, it often proves to be a valuable treatment option. Group counseling is the treatment modality of choice for individuals with substance abuse problems and is among the counseling services offered at New Bridge Foundation®. In group counseling, individuals can share and grow…


Addressing the Needs of Women in Treatment.

  Despite the fact that the specific issues and the physiological effects of substance use disorders impact women differently than men, behavioral health services, have rarely taken sex and gender differences into account. In order to address this and improve treatment services for women, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) developed a treatment…

residential drug addiction treatment

Residential Drug Addiction Treatment in California

Residential addiction treatment is one of the most sought-after levels of care offered at addiction treatment programs. At New Bridge Foundation®, located in Berkeley CA, we are committed to helping clients towards recovery with a diverse array of treatment programs, including residential addiction treatment. We offer short-term and long-term residential treatment options, as well as…


Nonbinary Gender Affirming Care

Research indicates that addiction occurs at an approximate rate of 30% in the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) community. This is primarily due to social stigma that still exists for LGBTQ people in society. Traditionally, gender is defined as either “male” or “female” and is referred to as the binary gender system. There are numerous nonbinary identities that…