Bearded man looking out window considering short-term addiction treatment

Do I Need Short-Term Addiction Treatment?

If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, the best option is to seek professional help. Addiction can wreak havoc on someone’s life, disrupting relationships, responsibilities, and routines. Efforts made to cut down or quit may be unsuccessful. A rehab center is designed to help clients begin and maintain recovery from drugs…

man speaking to therapist about long-term recovery programs for addiction treatment

3 Benefits of Long-Term Recovery Programs

When you are grappling with a substance use disorder (SUD) and decide it is time to seek treatment, choosing the right level of care is essential to effective recovery. Drug and alcohol addiction occurs on a spectrum ranging from mild to severe. For mild to moderate levels of addiction, short-term residential rehab or intensive outpatient…

man looking out window contemplating benefits of opioid treatment programs

When to Seek Out Opioid Treatment Programs

According to the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, approximately 100,306 Americans died from drug overdoses in the 12 months ending April 2021, representing a 28.5% increase from the same period in the prior year. Provisional data indicate 75,673 overdose deaths were from opioids, up from 56,064. These numbers glaringly show that, despite national efforts…

two men conversing on a couch about LGBTQ rehab centers

3 Benefits of LGBTQ+ Rehab Centers for Addiction Treatment

The prevalence of substance use disorders in the LGBTQ+ community is significantly higher than that of the general population. A significant reason for this is that historically, people who identify as LGBTQ+ have experienced more stigma, discrimination, and other familial and societal challenges than those who identify as heterosexual. These factors have also made it…

two women in conversation on a couch during residential rehab

How Necessary Is Residential Rehab for Recovery?

Drug and alcohol use disorders wreak havoc on the lives of millions of Americans. Many never receive the treatment they need and deserve. For those who do seek help, navigating and understanding treatment options can be a daunting task. Outpatient and short-term residential rehab programs are excellent options for individuals who have never tried addiction…

diverse group discussing alcohol rehab for veterans

The Importance of Alcohol Rehab for Veterans

Veterans often face a host of challenges when adjusting to civilian life. Many veterans struggle due to a lack of mental health support, physical disabilities, or as a result of the trauma they may have experienced during service. These struggles can put veterans at significant risk of developing a substance use disorder. When combined with…