When individuals think of addiction, they often think of an illicit substance like heroin or cocaine. What many fail to realize is that addiction can form from medications obtained legally through prescriptions. Addictions to painkillers are becoming an increasing problem in our current society due to the over-prescribing of these powerful drugs over the last few decades. Instead of trying to break the cycle of a painkiller addiction alone, seek professional help from a painkiller addiction rehab center.

Signs of a Painkiller Addiction

painkiller addiction rehab center new bridge foundationKnowing the signs of a painkiller addiction is the first step to seeking help. Some of the more common signs and symptoms of this specific type of addiction include:

  • Increase of dosage – As the body builds a tolerance to the medication, the individual will need to increase their intake of the drug. This means taking more than the recommended dosage from a medical professional.
  • Prolonged use – Individuals with a painkiller addiction will also continue to use the medication after the prescription length ends.
  • Change in personality – Individuals will begin to show drastic changes in their moods, energy levels, interests, and overall interest in responsibilities and hobbies.
  • Problems with memory – Abusing prescription painkillers will often cause memory loss, confusion, and even periods of blackouts.
  • Secretive or withdrawn behavior – Those with an addiction tend to hide their behaviors from their loved ones. This can mean hiding money, lying about their whereabouts, and withdrawing from activities they once enjoyed.

After these symptoms are recognized, individuals can begin seeking out a detox program through a painkiller addiction rehab center. The detox phase allows them to let the medication leave their body, while staying comfortable. Once they are clean from the painkillers, they can turn their focus to their treatment.

The Need for a Painkiller Addiction Rehab Center

Someone who suffers from a painkiller addiction often believe they can end their abuse on their own. However, this can be extremely hard to do. It can be very challenging to stop these medications abruptly. For this reason, medication assisted treatment can help the body adjust to coming off of the painkiller in a more tolerable fashion. Medical professionals will prescribe these medications when they are needed and necessary. They will also monitor the clients throughout the detox process and determine the best course of treatment for that individual.

In addition to detox, a painkiller addiction rehab center will also provide other levels of care like residential and outpatient rehab. This allows each client to receive the full continuum of care they need to achieve recovery successfully.

Help at New Bridge Foundation®

The best bay area rehab center for painkiller addiction is New Bridge Foundation®. Our facility provides the addiction treatment programs necessary to reach recovery. Additionally, our trained staff offers clients the care, support, and medical attention they need to recover from addiction safely. Our programs include:

To learn more about how a painkiller addiction rehab center can help, reach out to New Bridge Foundation® today at 866-772-8491.