woman and her counselor during a individual counseling sessionWhen people decide to find treatment for addiction, it can seem impossible to imagine that they will ever recover. With so many new methods and therapies available today, it can be difficult to decipher how each option can lead to healing. However, sometimes the best choice can be the tried-and-true methods of group counseling and individual counseling. How can this type of therapy help those looking to achieve lasting recovery?

What is Individual Counseling?

Individual counseling involves meeting with a counselor in a private, one-on-one setting. This
environment allows clients to focus on themselves and their unique circumstances. During these
intimate sessions, clients can build trusting bonds with their counselor. This relationship can be open and productive while also providing a layer of support for clients both during and after treatment. While it can be difficult for some to open up to a stranger right away, others find meeting with a compassionate counselor reassuring and comforting.

Benefits of One-on-One Counseling

Participating in individual sessions can provide many benefits for clients. The main advantage of these sessions is the focus on the individual. Clients can take the time to focus on themselves, their needs, and their goals. For some, this is the only time they have to focus entirely on themselves instead of worrying about others, or about the responsibilities of their job, school, or family. During individual counseling, clients can take a closer look at their addiction. With the help of their counselor, a person can identify why they began abusing drugs or alcohol, why they keep returning to the substance, and why they wish to stop. These meetings can help identify triggers, negative thought patterns, and past traumas that could have contributed to the addiction.

One-on-one counseling also provides the opportunity for clients to learn about and see
themselves in a more favorable light. Counselors can teach their clients about self-respect, self-care, and self-worth. They are also able to teach necessary life skills that can be helpful during and after treatment. These skills can include coping techniques, communication skills, and positive thinking.

Group Counseling and How it Helps

Group counseling works well in combination with individual counseling. Utilizing both treatment modalities produces the best results. Group sessions allow clients to interact with their peers and strengthen the skills taught during their individual sessions and vice versa. Using both counseling options together can help each client experience effective treatment.

Individual Counseling with New Bridge Foundation®

When looking for the best San Francisco Bay Area drug treatment facility, look no further than New Bridge Foundation®. Our Berkeley, CA facility provides a welcoming atmosphere for recovery to take place. Our clients can partake in numerous therapies as they regain control of their lives and find lasting sobriety.

Our primary services include:

Along with individual counseling, we also offer numerous specialized programs, including Operation Success for active-duty military members and veterans, dual diagnosis treatment, and LGBTQ+ sensitive, addiction treatment.

Contact New Bridge Foundation® Today to Learn More About Our Individual Counseling Programs

At New Bridge Foundation®, we understand how difficult it can seem to move forward when you have experienced addiction. We have designed our individual counseling program to address precisely this issue. By examining past behaviors in the presence of a licensed therapist or certified addiction counselor who specializes in addiction, you can better understand your substance use problems.  

Today is the day to put an end to addiction and mental illness. Learn how our addiction treatment programs can provide clients with the best future possible. To find out more about New Bridge Foundation®, call us today at 866-772-8491.