Our Specialized Programs

Clients participate in the specialized programs at New Bridge Foundation®. At New Bridge Foundation®, we realize that people are complex and different. A cookie-cutter approach to treating all individuals is too simplistic and may not address the whole person. Therefore we have specialized programs for LGBTQ+, Veterans, and individuals with co-occurring disorders.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes the staff psychiatrist, licensed mental health professionals, nurses, doctors, and certified drug and alcohol counselors all with knowledge and expertise about substance abuse and mental health issues.

Co-Occurring Disorders (Dual Diagnosis) Programs

New Bridge has been treating individuals in the greater San Francisco Bay Area with chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health issues since 1968. It is estimated that 8.1 million adults have mental health and substance abuse diagnoses. Unfortunately, if you have a mental health problem, you are more likely to have a substance abuse issue as well. Common mental health diagnoses that may appear with substance abuse include bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and personality disorders. Furthermore, substance abuse is listed as a risk factor for those individuals with suicidal ideation.

Experts agree that individuals with co-occurring disorders receive treatment that addresses both mental health and substance abuse issues simultaneously. At New Bridge Foundation®, co-occurring disorder services include but are not limited to individualized mental health treatment plan, dual-diagnosis groups, coordination, and consultation with outside mental health providers and assistance with medication management.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning (LGBTQ+) Services

At New Bridge Foundation®, we recognize the importance of acknowledging and treating people as individuals with different hopes, dreams, and lifestyles.

The LGBTQ+ community is at greater risk for substance use issues. For example, common challenges reported by the LGBTQ+ community who suffer from substance use disorders are rejection, depression, anxiety, and trauma. In addition to having individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ on staff, the specialized programs we offer include individualized treatment planning and LGBTQ+ group as well as a co-occurring disorder group if appropriate.

Veterans and Military Program (Operation Success)

At New Bridge Foundation®, we have been proudly serving veterans and military personnel, as well as their dependents, for decades. Our Operation Success program was created to assist the brave men and women who serve and have served our country. Many members of our professional and dedicated staff have military experience and all of our staff receive ongoing training to address the unique issues those in the military and veterans face. Services in this program include but are not limited to individualized treatment planning, coping skills for PTSD, stress management, biofeedback, coordination with VA or military treatment providers, medication management, and physical training. As one of Tricare-West’s Substance Use Disorder Rehabilitation Facilities (SUDRF) we are able to provide treatment to veterans, active duty military, and their dependents.

Family Program

/At New Bridge Foundation®, we recognize that recovery is not accomplished in isolation. Often family and friends are the first to recognize a problem. They are usually the ones who have lived with the consequences and despair of the disease’s progression. Family members often feel hurt, powerless, and isolated. For this reason, all of our programs offer a family component. Services for families may include family counseling, multi-family groups, education, and support. According to our many client-provided testimonials, our family program is one of the highlights of the New Bridge Foundation® program.

If you have questions about any of our specialized programs, call us today at 866-772-8491.