While addiction may seriously affect one’s physical health, treating the psychological side of the disease is what keeps many from relapsing. The right addiction counseling services are critical to creating and fostering sustainable recovery. In fact, they form the cornerstone of addiction treatment. At New Bridge Foundation®, we use a variety of evidence-based therapies to give individuals the tools they need for long-term recovery.

Individual Counseling

addiction counseling services | New Bridge Foundation®During individual counseling sessions, our clients can begin understanding the reasons why they turned to substances in the first place. It is essential to address the cause of the disease rather than just the symptoms.

One of the most common types of counseling techniques is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Using this method, counselors help individuals identify negative thinking patterns that lead to negative behaviors. Once they’ve identified these trends, clients begin to use self-talk and reflection to turn the behaviors around. The goal is to recognize when these negative thoughts become pervasive so that the individual can learn to replace them with more positive thoughts and behaviors.

Our individual counseling services also include dual diagnosis for co-occurring mental conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD, as well as anger management to teach clients better coping mechanisms and techniques to relieve stress. Together with CBT, these strategies help clients to get to know themselves better so they can continue confidently in recovery.

Group Therapy

Group therapy plays a vital role in addiction treatment. Many times, individuals with addictions or other mental disorders isolate themselves. They may feel alone and misunderstood. In group therapy, they’re able to connect with others who are in similar situations. This connection makes it easier to form close bonds and begin opening up.

During group therapy, individuals talk about their experiences with addiction and recovery. While not everyone is required to share with the group, the lead counselor often encourages people to share so that others are able to learn from them. Conversations may revolve around coping methods, missteps in recovery, discovering and avoiding triggers, or ways to prevent relapse.

Family Counseling

Family is often people’s largest and most important support system. However, for various
reasons, addiction can wound family bonds. For example, many people don’t understand that
addiction is a disease rather than a choice. Through family counseling, both the person with the addiction and their family members can learn how addiction forms and why it is so difficult to overcome.

Additionally, family counseling helps family members learn to support their loved one while maintaining healthy boundaries. Addressing the family dynamic is a crucial step in helping everyone move on to a healthier future.

Addiction Counseling Services at New Bridge Foundation®

New Bridge Foundation® is one of the leading addiction treatment facilities in Northern California. We offer proven addiction counseling services and substance abuse treatments that stand the test of time. Additionally, our evidence-based program aims to treat the whole person rather than just their addiction.

In addition to our addiction counseling services, we also offer several specialized programs, including:

  • Dual diagnosis services
  • LGBTQ+ friendly treatment
  • Active-duty and veterans’ program (Operation Success)
  • Hearing-impaired program
  • Family program

Regardless of the program that our clients choose, they are eligible to receive free aftercare services for life upon completion of the program.

Learn More About Our Addiction Counseling Services Today

At New Bridge Foundation®, we understand that not every treatment approach is right for every individual. This is why we make a point of tailoring our treatment program to the needs of each and every client that walks through our doors. If you or someone you care about is battling addiction, it is time to reach out for professional help that you can count on. To learn more about our services, contact the addiction specialists at New Bridge Foundation® in Berkeley, CA at 866.772.8491 today.