woman learns she needs residential treatment

How COVID Has Changed Residential Treatment in the San Francisco Bay Area

The current global health crisis has affected how residential and outpatient services treatment centers operate. If you or someone you care about is battling addiction, understanding how things have changed as we move forward in this pandemic will be helpful. Even with the delivery of safe, effective vaccines, residential treatment and outpatient services, whether in…


Reasons to Attend Drug Rehab in the San Francisco Bay Area

The reality of drug rehab is often clouded with misconceptions. This is especially true when individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol fail to acknowledge that they need the help of a professional addiction treatment center. As a result, of the twenty-one million Americans battling addiction, few will get the help they need. By…

veteran at a residential detox program

Residential Detox Programs for Veterans and Active Duty Military near San Francisco

Withdrawing from alcohol or other drugs can be a difficult and dangerous process. The symptoms can range from mild headaches and nausea to seizures, hallucinations, and delusions. Withdrawal can be a particular problem for our nation’s veterans and active-duty military, who not only struggle with addiction at higher rates than the rest of the population…

Veteran learning Why Residential Addiction Treatment Services Are Beneficial to Veterans in Northern California

Why Residential Addiction Treatment Services Are Beneficial to Veterans in Northern California

When men and women volunteer to join the military, they take an oath to protect our country with their lives. These courageous military members live by the values of duty, honor, and country. It is our duty, then, to protect these veterans once they have completed their service and returned home.  After these heroes have…

Veteran get alcohol addiction treatment center in the bay area

Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Veterans in the San Francisco Bay Area

Throughout our country’s history, individuals have answered the call to protect the American way of life by enlisting in one of the branches of the military. These men and women who have chosen to defend our country deserve to be taken care of when they return to civilian life. Unfortunately, there are many veterans, especially…

woman struggles with addiction and considers bay area telehealth services

Bay-Area Telehealth Services for Substance Abuse

For individuals who need treatment for substance abuse in California but who do not have the time or resources to commit to a residential treatment program, New Bridge Foundation® is proud to offer telehealth services. Taking part in substance abuse treatment remotely allows our clients to get the same quality of care that they would…

veteran family enjoys a sober thanksgiving

Veterans and Addiction During Thanksgiving

Veterans have a higher risk of abusing substances than members of the general population. Sadly, this risk is exacerbated during holidays like Thanksgiving, which involves the heightened tensions of family visits and a high likelihood of the presence of alcohol. While it is true that relapse can become more likely during the Thanksgiving holiday, help…