residential drug addiction treatment

Residential Drug Addiction Treatment in California

Residential addiction treatment is one of the most sought-after levels of care offered at addiction treatment programs. At New Bridge Foundation®, located in Berkeley CA, we are committed to helping clients towards recovery with a diverse array of treatment programs, including residential addiction treatment. We offer short-term and long-term residential treatment options, as well as…


Nonbinary Gender Affirming Care

Research indicates that addiction occurs at an approximate rate of 30% in the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) community. This is primarily due to social stigma that still exists for LGBTQ people in society. Traditionally, gender is defined as either “male” or “female” and is referred to as the binary gender system. There are numerous nonbinary identities that…

woman gets outpatient drug counseling during covid

3 Benefits of Outpatient Drug Counseling During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented all kinds of new challenges for those struggling with addiction and recovery. The lockdowns, changes to daily routines, and mounting stress have contributed to spiking levels of drug and alcohol use and exacerbated the struggle of those with existing substance use disorders and mental illnesses. For those fighting addiction, accessing…

woman considers mental health and dual diagnosis

Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis in Northern California

Mental health and substance use disorders commonly go hand-in-hand, weaving a complex web of symptoms and behaviors. While researchers have not found a clear delineation as to which begins first, they have determined that mental health and substance use disorders influence and feed off of one another, thus requiring specialized services to achieve recovery. With…

woman works on the process of alcohol addiction

The Process of Alcohol Addiction Recovery in Northern California

Alcohol addiction is a serious disorder that is often referred to as “alcoholism.” Fortunately, alcoholism is a treatable condition. Through a variety of interventions that may include detoxification, education and/or counseling services clients can learn to lead successful, sober lives. At New Bridge Foundation®, our therapists and addiction counselors offer a wide variety of treatment…


Guide to Drug Detox in Northern California

Drug detoxification, commonly referred to as “detox,” is typically the first step toward recovery from drug addiction and is usually followed by a comprehensive addiction treatment program. The main goal of detox, the process by which the body rids itself of substances, is to address the physical aspects of addiction in a safe way. Once…

group discusses residential treatment

What Are the Different Types of Residential Addiction Treatment?

Inpatient addiction treatment is a core component of an addiction treatment program. It paves the way to a successful recovery by providing those who suffer from addiction with a daily schedule of individual and group counseling, education, health and wellness activities, as well as time to focus on oneself and one’s problems. The structure and…

woman participates in telemedicine appointment

The Growth of Telemedicine in Northern California

Over the past few years, with the ever-increasing advancements in technology, telehealth and telemedicine services began taking their place in the world. As the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult for individuals to receive services, facilities with the ability to offer telehealth services have come out at the forefront of treatment options. At New Bridge Foundation®,…