individual struggling with different types of addiction

Types of Addiction

Typically, when the general public thinks about addiction, they tend to think of it as one, all-encompassing issue. Many people don’t realize that there are different types of addiction, and that addiction isn’t limited to just harmful substances. When it comes to different types of drug addiction, various addiction treatment programs are necessary to achieve…

young woman sitting by a tree experiencing oxycodone withdrawal symptoms

Preparing for Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms

Frequently, when an individual is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, they need detox to begin treatment. Without detox, they place themselves at risk for relapse either during or immediately after treatment. To best prepare for this first step towards recovery, it is ideal to have an understanding of the withdrawal symptoms that…

senior woman sitting at table holding head experiencing oxycontin side effects

OxyContin Side Effects

Before the opioid crisis hit the United States, prescription opioids were commonly prescribed to treat anything from chronic pain to post-surgery pain relief. However, as these substances grew in popularity, they also led to increases in dependence and addiction. Many people received OxyContin, and thus struggled to manage Oxycontin side effects they experienced. What Is…

types of co-occurring disorders

Types of Co-Occurring Disorders

When an individual struggles with substance addiction, they frequently also have a mental health disorder. It is not uncommon for addiction to develop alongside another condition. When addiction and mental health disorders appear together, they are called co-occurring disorders. There are several types of co-occurring disorders, and it is important to find a qualified dual…

alcohol treatment centers in northern california

Alcohol Treatment Centers in Northern California

Because people perceive alcohol use as “normal,” our society often underplays its dangers. While some people can drink socially without it becoming a problem, others are unable to control their drinking. Many even use the substance to self-medicate for unpleasant feelings or mental health issues. Once drinking becomes problematic, it can be hard to stop…

san francisco drug rehab center

San Francisco Drug Rehab Centers

The California Bay Area offers the perfect backdrop for addiction treatment. Temperate weather, easy accessibility, and scenic surroundings provide the comforts that an individual needs to begin the recovery journey. When considering San Francisco drug rehab centers, it is important to look at other facilities in the surrounding areas that offer high-quality treatment. What to…