miserable women and alcoholism habits

Women and Alcoholism

Researchers studying addiction have known for decades that when it comes to women and alcoholism, women’s needs are different from men’s needs. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has demonstrated, for instance, that women are far less likely to seek professional help than men are. They also point out that even though more…

Woman using Telehealth services

Virtual Outpatient Programs

Addiction does not go away in times of crisis. In fact, as large swaths of our country are practicing social distancing and isolating themselves, people with addiction issues are in a more dangerous position than ever. In quarantine, drug and alcohol consumption increases dramatically. And recent reports confirm that the current outbreak has been no…

man with hands on wife asking, does my loved one need addiction treatment

Does My Loved One Need Addiction Treatment

No one plans on becoming addicted. And it can be challenging to know when an individual has crossed the line from recreational use into addiction. It is especially difficult for the addicted individual to answer this question for themselves. That is why it is essential to ask yourself, “Does my loved one need addiction treatment?”…