Maintaining proper health is crucial at any stage in life. However, it is vital to achieve good health and wellness when going through addiction treatment. In order to recover from an addiction, it is essential to learn how to maintain a positive, healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, it is more likely a relapse will occur. Substance abuse treatments in California are available for addiction help as well as learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Health and wellness education in California teaches individuals how to best care for themselves both during and after treatment.

Healthy Living During Treatment

While most addiction treatment focuses on understanding addiction and mental health, some services and programs place a focus on healing. Health and wellness education in California begins the process of teaching individuals how to care for their bodies. Learning about a healthy lifestyle gives clients a purpose for focusing on their recovery and sticking with their prevention plans. When clients learn the importance of caring for their bodies, they are less likely to return to abusing drugs or alcohol.

Promoting health and wellness can also help to reduce the symptoms of any underlying mental health disorders. Participating in exercise, stress reduction techniques, and healthy eating can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Health and Wellness After Treatment

friends smiling after health and wellness education in CaliforniaOnce an individual returns home from treatment, they can benefit from including health and wellness on their recovery journey. The more obvious benefit of such a lifestyle is the ability to maintain their physical and mental health. A healthier lifestyle means less of a risk for health complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases.

Another benefit of practicing health and wellness after treatment is creating a routine to follow once home. Working to incorporate healthy practices into everyday life can help individuals maintain a schedule that can help with relapse prevention. While in treatment, clients are on a structured, busy schedule that helps them focus on their goals. Once they return home, that schedule is gone, leaving them with time to crave substances and risk relapse. However, by sticking to a routine at home, they reduce their chances of cravings and relapse. Some ways individuals can incorporate health and wellness once home includes the following:

  • Morning or evening meditations
  • Daily exercise sessions
  • Meal preparation
  • Yoga
  • Art sessions
  • Maintaining a sleep routine

Health and Wellness Education in California at New Bridge Foundation®

New Bridge Foundation® provides many different tools to help with addiction recovery and leading a healthy life free of substances. Our programs are run by professionals who are trained and experienced in administering the best care possible. There are a variety of addiction treatment programs and therapies to suit each individual’s needs. While clients participate in our programs, they also receive health and wellness education in California that is provided by our multidisciplinary staff. This education is just one of the many extensions of support we provide our clients both during and after treatment.

Our addiction treatment programs include the following:

We also provide more specialized treatment options for those in need. These can include the following:

Start Living Healthy With New Bridge Foundation®

Health and wellness start with making the choice to lead a better life. From there, New Bridge Foundation® can help with education on healthy living and a variety of therapies and programs to promote wellness. Our team understands the importance of caring for the body during treatment to really achieve full recovery after treatment ends. Contact New Bridge Foundation® today at 866.772.8491 to learn more about our options and how we can help.