Addiction treatment centers are essential components in achieving lasting recovery. Without professional help and support, many find themselves back at square one. However, simply picking the first treatment center is never the answer. There are many reputable options for an addiction treatment center in Alameda County CA, including the Berkeley area.

Why Look for Professional Help?

man in Addiction Treatment Center in Alameda County CA at new bridge foundationMany individuals fighting against their addictions believe they can reach their goals on their own. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Without finding the proper help, those struggling will find themselves back in the cycle of addiction.

An addiction treatment center in Alameda County CA can provide the education and care necessary to break the endless cycle. Counseling sessions with a professional counselor will help clients understand their addiction and can also assist in learning new life skills and coping mechanisms.

A treatment center can also provide the medical support and attention that may be necessary during treatment. When an individual goes through the detox process, they will experience withdrawal symptoms as the body removes the substance it has become dependent on. While these symptoms are sometimes uncomfortable, they can also be dangerous in severe cases. When severe withdrawal symptoms occur during detox, medical attention is vital for safety. Professionals at an addiction treatment center in Alameda County CA can determine if medications are necessary during this time, with your comfort and safety as a top priority.

What to Consider in a Treatment Center

When looking for an addiction treatment center in Alameda County CA, there are numerous components to consider.

These components are:

Levels of care – A rehab facility should be able to provide services for each step of the recovery process. Detox services may be necessary to begin treatment with a residential program to follow. An intensive outpatient program can then be used to solidify gains during the residential level of care. Aftercare services should also be available to help clients reduce their risk of relapse while also feeling confident in their support system.

Individualized care – Treatment for addiction should never be one-size-fits-all. Each client that walks through the doors of an addiction treatment center in Alameda County CA has a story that is unique to them. Individualized treatment plans are vital to ensure each client receives the therapies and services they need.

Specialized program options – While every client is different in their own way, some individuals come to treatment with needs that require special focus. Programs for military personnel and veterans, those with a dual diagnosis, the hearing impaired, and the LGBTQ+ community are crucial to guarantee every client receives what they need for successful recovery.

Looking in Berkeley for an Addiction Treatment Center in Alameda County CA

We understand how vital remaining close to home can be for clients in Alameda County. Having family and friends by their side can help with treatment and make clients more comfortable when going through the recovery process. Fortunately for those wishing to stay in Alameda County, New Bridge Foundation® offers the best bay area drug rehab programs.

New Bridge Foundation® provides clients with a wide variety of treatment services and programs, including:

Short-term residential rehab (Helios)
Short-term outpatient rehab (Helios)
Long-term residential rehab (START)

Don’t wait another day to begin searching for an addiction treatment center in Alameda County CA. The professional staff at New Bridge Foundation® is ready to help each client achieve their recovery goals. Call now at 866-772-8491 to learn more about New Bridge Foundation® and how our services can provide the best support possible.