Since 1968, our non-profit Berkeley rehabilitation center has helped residents from California and beyond overcome addiction. We offer a full continuum of care in a nurturing and comfortable environment to help clients achieve lifelong sobriety. Learn more about New Bridge Foundation® and the compassionate professionals at our San Francisco Bay Area drug rehab.

Individualized Addiction Treatment Programs

Woman beginning to heal at our Berkeley rehabilitation centerThe most effective addiction treatment programs go beyond helping people end their substance abuse. During individual and group counseling at our CARF-accredited Berkeley rehabilitation center, our caring professionals help clients discover some of the issues contributing to their addiction. In the process, clients also learn new coping skills to help them successfully navigate life in recovery.

When individuals decide to attend New Bridge Foundation®, they undergo a comprehensive assessment process. Once the assessment is complete, our multidisciplinary staff members work with the client to determine the most appropriate treatment program.

Detox Program

For many people looking to overcome drug or alcohol addictions, the path to lasting sobriety begins with our detox program. Professionals at our Berkeley rehabilitation center provide 24/7 supervision that includes responsible medication-assisted treatments. The goal is to ensure that clients get through the withdrawal process as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Although detox addresses an individual’s physical dependence, clients still need ongoing care that addresses underlying issues. This gives individuals the best chance to achieve ongoing behavioral change.

Short-Term Residential Rehab (Helios)

Lasting anywhere from a few weeks to 90 days, our short-term residential rehab program allows individuals to gain a solid recovery foundation. In a structured environment away from the distractions of daily life, clients have access to an array of evidence-based treatment modalities that address the mind, body, and soul.

Short-Term Outpatient Rehab (Helios)

Our short-term outpatient rehab program provides added flexibility on the road to recovery. It allows individuals to receive access to comprehensive addiction treatment while still being able to attend to professional and family obligations.

While some people begin treatment at this level of care, others benefit from undergoing residential treatment at our Berkeley rehabilitation center first. Beginning with either our short or long-term residential rehab program allows individuals to gain stability before transitioning into outpatient care.

Long-Term Residential Rehab (START)

Long-term residential rehab at our Berkeley rehabilitation center provides the most comprehensive level of care. On average, clients spend three to six months at our facility. The longer duration gives individuals the chance to focus on recovery while developing healthy habits. For those who have tried short-term treatment in the past and experienced a relapse, this treatment option gives individuals the best chance of achieving sustainable sobriety.

Our Berkeley Rehabilitation Center Provides an Environment for Healing

Located in beautiful Hearst mansions tucked away in the Berkeley Hills, New Bridge Foundation® offers hope to individuals struggling with addiction. As one of the premier addiction treatment facilities in Northern California, our non-profit Berkeley rehabilitation center provides a supportive environment where clients can take the first step to change. Call us today at 866-772-8491 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs.