At New Bridge Foundation®, we work hard to provide numerous payment and insurance options for our clients. These options allow them the opportunity to receive the programs and services they need to achieve the recovery they deserve. Our drug and alcohol rehab center for active military, dependents, retirees, and veterans is proud to accept Tricare West insurance coverage.

Why Use Insurance for Rehab

tricare west insurance coverage tricare west drug rehab new bridge foundationWhen it comes to paying for rehab, many individuals believe the only option is to pay out of pocket. However, more insurance companies are providing coverage for these services. Going through an insurance company instead of spending out of pocket may allow clients to enter treatment without financial burden.

Going through treatment without the fear of a large financial consequence can help with the stress of entering a drug and alcohol rehab center. Tricare West insurance coverage is an excellent option for those who serve in the military, their dependents, and retirees.

More About Tricare West Insurance Coverage

Tricare West is a medical insurance provider through the Defense Health Agency, which is a component of the Military Health System. They currently have over 9 million beneficiaries and work hard to keep their clients in good health. Those with Tricare West insurance coverage who struggle with addiction issues may have the following covered:

  • Inpatient services
  • Residential substance use disorder treatment
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Mental health therapeutic services
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Opioid treatment programs

To determine if Tricare West drug rehab coverage is available for treatment, reach out to Tricare West today or work with the team at New Bridge Foundation®.

The Importance of Helping Military Members, Their Dependents, and Retirees

For military members, retirees, and veterans, substance abuse is not the only problem at play. Many also struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder after their time spent in active duty. Often, symptoms of PTSD lead to the abuse of illicit substances for self-medicating purposes. Rehab programs that specialize in working with current and past members of the military are essential to helping those who have helped us.

Starting the Journey with New Bridge Foundation®

The team at New Bridge Foundation® take pride in helping those who have and are currently serving our country. Of course, we treat civilians in need as well. Through individualized treatment plans, each client can leave our treatment feeling confident in their recovery. Along with our program that helps military members, dependents, retirees, and veterans, we also offer these specialized programs:

We offer the following program options to our Tricare West clients:

To learn more about using Tricare West insurance coverage to pay for rehab, reach out to New Bridge Foundation® now. Call today at 866-772-8491 to discuss Tricare West drug rehab coverage options and how to begin with our programs.